Covid 19

We are pleased to announce that Parcevall Hall Gardens has reopened to the general public, and will remain open through to the end of October. Opening times will be from 10am until 4pm, with the gates closing at 5.30pm.

Some minor restrictions are in place to ensure both yours and our staff safety.

On arrival outside the Garden Office, please remain in your vehicle until approached by one of our visitor reception staff. Just to pre-warn you that they will be wearing PPE, for both yours and their safety so please don’t be startled by this!

Admission payment will be by card transaction only. Please note that for hygiene reasons we will be unable to accept either cash, or payment by cheque.

After Visitor Reception you will be directed to one of the public car park areas. Unfortunately there will be no Tea Rooms open at Parcevall Hall Gardens this year, with the toilets in that building being for staff use only. However picnics are allowed in the grounds on the understanding that visitors tidy up afterwards and take all their rubbish home with them.

Public toilet facilities are available and situated just outside the Rose Garden. There are two individual toilets, both of which will be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. For your wellbeing we would ask that social distancing guidelines are adhered to throughout the gardens and in particular within the toilet area.

During what are still difficult times, until COVID-19 is fully eradicated, we will endeavour to make each visitor experience an enjoyable one, where the peaceful atmosphere and beauty of the gardens and its surrounds may be enjoyed to the full.

As Parcevall Hall Gardens will be operating on a maximum capacity basis, it could be possible that we may become full. With this in mind we will endeavour whenever possible to post regular updates on the Facebook page, or please feel free to check with us through the Garden Office on 01756 720311.

So, fingers crossed for some fine weather and we are really looking forward to welcoming you back!